About Us

Foinse provides the very best in Irish language reporting, news, features, sport and education for everyone from fluent Irish speakers to those with just a ‘cúpla focal’.

Initially set up in 1996, Foinse was closed in the early Summer of 2009 due to falling revenue.

In Autumn of 2009, however, with a new distribution model and a complete redesign, Foinse began publishing again on a Wednesday. The combination of fresh management and new approach to distribution means Foinse is now being read by more people than ever before.

The paper is delivered to tens of thousands of Primary and Secondary schools each week and also includes a page specifically put together by Conradh na Gaeilge for people who are coming back to the language after a long break or who would like to pick up some simple Irish phrases.

Foinse has recently expanded our online presence. Our website has news updates up to 10 times a day and features sport, education, travel, fashion, music, film and many more fun and interactive elements. One of the most popular aspects on is the grammar blog that takes beginners through the basics of Irish grammar and provides a helpful reference for everyone else.

Foinse is also very active on social media such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and have become a part oif the active online Irish language community.

To contact Foinse, please email Tá an seoladh ríomhphoist seo á chosaint ó róbat-turscar. Caithfidh JavaScript a bheith cumasaithe chun é a fheiceáil. or call 00353 91 593779

Learn Irish

So you’ve decided you’d like to learn some Irish? Well, you’ve landed on the right website for that! Foinse is the leading daily news provider operating in the Irish language. Our website has an inbuilt dictionary to help those starting out. Just hover your mouse over any underlined word and the English word will pop up on screen.

We also have a Cúpla Focal section for learners, put together by Conradh na Gaeilge specifically for beginners with activities included in each entry.

As well as this, we have a grammar blog to help you out with the trickier parts of the Irish language.

If you’re visiting us from abroad, we have a digital edition of Foinse available for you.  Just click here to view a sample edition and subscribe to the weekly edition.

We also have a weekly helpful phrases section here written for people who want a few phrases to impress their friends.

If you have any suggestions as to how we could make our website more accessible to Irish language learners, feel free to send us an email to Tá an seoladh ríomhphoist seo á chosaint ó róbat-turscar. Caithfidh JavaScript a bheith cumasaithe chun é a fheiceáil.


Some simple Gaeilge for anyone in need of some retail therapy

What do you think? Céard a cheapann tú?

Does my bum look big in this dress? An mbreathnaíonn mo thóin mór sa ghúna seo?

That’s too expensive. Tá sé sin róchostasach.

What a bargain! Margadh ceart!

Sale Sladmhargadh


In a nightclub

Some Gaeilge phrases for anyone in a nightclub

Do you come here often? An dtagann tú anseo go minic?

Would you like to dance? An rachaidh tú ag rince liom?

I like your friend. Is maith liom do chara

Sorry, I have a girlfriend. Tá brón orm, tá cailín agam.

Would you like a drink? Ar mhaith leat deoch?

Can I have you number? An féidir liom d’uimhir ghutháin a fháil?


The Television

Here’s a few Irish language phrases for couch potatoes

Turn the tv on. Cuir an teilifís ar siúl

Is Ros na Rún on? An bhfuil Ros na Rún ar siúl? 

Record that for me please. Déan é a thaifead dom le do thoil

Turn off that rubbish. Cas as an raiméis sin. 


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